Effort rewarded with MyZone

Unlike other activity trackers that only count steps and estimate calories burned, MYZONE monitors your heart rate to determine effort exerted during exercise.

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How does MyZone work?


MYZONE’s MZ-3 is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market. Using Bluetooth, ANT+, and Analog technology to provide real-time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort, the MZ-3 ensures that you get accurate feedback on all your workouts – wherever and however you choose to train. MZ-3’s built-in memory means you can make every session count, even when you’re away training from your gym or smartphone.

Real Time Tracking

See your calories, heart rate, and effort in real time with easy-to-follow colors

Feedback on your progress

Automatic email feedback on all your exercise, motivating you to stay on track

Stay up to date

View your training efforts via a personalised free app and online account

Level playing field for all fitness levels

Measuring effort levels the playing field and enables competition against yourself or friends

Set Goals

Stay accountable for your health goals with our simple goal-setting tool

Connect with friends

Connect with friends and motivate progress through a personalised social feed

How to read your MyZone tile


Your nickname


Calories burned


Effort level


Heart Rate


MEPs earned

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